Cheese Witch’s Brooms. Halloween´s recipe

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Let us see how to make these Cheese Witch’s Brooms. Together with their hat, brooms are probably the most defining accessory of a witch; they are also their means of transport. Therefore, the cat has decided to supply them with several brooms so witches can visit us on Halloween. There cannot be a witch without her own cat, black one, of course.

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Cheese Witch’s Brooms

What do you need?

– 12 Slices of Cheese
– 12 Pretzel sticks
– 12 Fresh Chive

How to make cheese witch´s brooms?

1.- Fold each cheese slice and cut the fringes of the broom using a pair of scissors.
2.- Roll the slice of cheese around a snack stick having the fringes looking down.
3.- Finally to keep the cheese around the stick, use some chive and knot it around.
It’s easy, isn’t it? So, don’t hesitate. Surprise your friend is your Halloween party with the Cheese Witch’s Brooms.
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