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I should be presenting the compilation of recipes to the contest CocinandoContigo (Cooking with you) and we want to thank for your participation; there are lots of recipes and you have put all your loving in all of them. Why isn’t there a compilation? These are the reasons why: first of all our terrace is being refurbished and workers always take longer than expected, 2) there were some last-minute recipes and I still haven’t seen and  3) I have just come back from a trip. Therefore, I promise I will publish it next week and you can take a tapa of pica pica de sepia (cuttlefish pica pica) in the meantime, a traditional Mallorcan stew that I hope you like it.

The Pica pica, is just a snack or tapa quite spread in Mallorca and it is normally made of cuttlefish, although it can be found with squid. If you buy the cuttlefish with its skin, you will need to wash it properly. Then, put it on paper kitchen towel since it has to be dried before cooking it.

The cuttlefish pica pica is 100% Mallorcan flavor and it is one of the tapas that made up the well-known ‘Variat’.  “Variat”, i.e, a selection of tapas served in the same plate. What are those tapa? Well, it will depend on the local restaurant, but some of them are the following ones:  frit mallorquí (Mallorcan fried offal), ensaladilla rusa (Spanish potato salad), pica pica de sepia (cuttlefish pica pica), albóndigas en salsa (Meatballs in sauce), champiñones al ajillo (Garlic mushrooms), tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette) and lots of times croquettes.  Summing up, a ‘variat’ is the queen of tapas in Mallorca and a must to do on the island. Some people don’t like mixing things up, but if you are coming to Mallorca, you should give it a try.

receta de pica pica de sepia mallorquín


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