How to make the perfect French meringue: tips and uses in cuisine

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trucos y consejos para hacer merengue frances perfecto

Whisking egg whites and adding sugar is one the basic elaborations that is pretty useful in the kitchen. It is also troublesome so I have decided to write this entry of how to make French meringue and give you some tips to get it perfect.

There are different types of meringues: the French meringue is known to be quite basic, I mean, it is just whisking egg whites and adding sugar; there is not heat in the process, not just in the whites (Swiss meringue), or in syrup (Italian meringue). Heat can be helpful for a better preservation of  other types of meringue, to avoid them falling and to make them steady and hard; we can also get those values in the French meringue just knowing a couple of tips to make it more stable.

Precisely due to that instability, it is recommended to be used immediately and it is ideal to be “dried” in the oven, which is not other thing than dehydrated French meringue at a low heat. Applying some heat stabilizes it, although it loses some of the typical consistency of the meringue.

Tips to make French meringue

1.- Temperature

Room temperature:  I have sometimes mentioned that my house in north-orientated and my ceiling is almost 7 m high. It is also cold in my kitchen in winter, even though I live in Mallorca. If I get up at 8.00 a.m and decide to make meringue, it will never get it. Well, if while using the oven, the heater on and with 25 of my friends at home, maybe on this occasion, meringue would be perfect. A good tip is to warm a little bit the container where we are going to whisk (you may use the remaining oven heat). If you warm it too much, egg whites will turn into curdle so you won’t get meringue either. Summarizing, meringue does not make a perfect match with cold; on the other hand ,Whipped cream, does.

Egg whites temperature: because of the cold, egg whites should not be taken straight away from the fridge, as cold does not help them to be whisked. p

2.- Stabilizers

The best stabilizer is potassium bitartrate o tartaric acid. You may find it in specialized stores; it is like a very powdered while dust. If you cannot find it, just use one of those sachet to make fizzy drinks.

3.- Salt and lemon juice

Both will help to break the egg whites and will allow the air to penetrate and produce an emulsion. Moreover, lemon juice is also an antioxidant and natural preservative. The ideal thing is using pasteurized egg whites if we are going to use it raw.

4.- By hand or using a stand mixer?

Your robot will help you in the process because the movements will be comprehensive and the speed constant. If you decide to make it by hand, it is just a questions of patience and strength. Use a whisker, so you get air into the meringue. E

Let’s go for the recipe of French meringue, on this occasion with video, using the tips I have told you about. Meringue is rather versatile on its use in cooking and confectionery.

el merengue frances perfecto

 How to make perfect French meringue

There is a surprise tip on this video on how to make perfect French meringue

Uses of French meringue in cuisine

This meringue can be used for instance to provide cakes with sponginess as you can see at cake suitable for celiac, or  bavarois and also to cake mousse type, such as this one made of cítrics.

Any other recipes, such as pavlova in which meringue get dried in the oven or for macarons.

I hope these tips have been useful; if you have any doubt on how to make the perfect French meringue, please leave a comment. I was so happy celebrating that I got it that I went to have dinner (as I am one of them with the winners “blogueros cocineros” by Canal Cocina. 


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