Olive oil flat cakes, Inés Rosales style. Step by step recipe!

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Making these oil and sesame olive oil flat cakes has made my first experience on the radio! Don’t you think that it was mega hits radio! Not at all! I was interviewed by Canal Sur Radio to talk about our blog  www.cocinandoconcatman.com, out team and as well, describe a recipe using AOVE Aceite de oliva virgen extra (the best quality of olive oil), that of course, is produced in my hometown and the county of  Jaén in Spain. I was rather nervous on the previous day, but still haven’t found the reason why, whether it was due to the interview or I should be back at school on September 1st. Nevertheless, Marga, the program broadcaster treated me rather well and the conversation ran smoothly.

receta de tortas de aceite, Inés Rosales

The entry also coincides with our 4th anniversary; in spite of the fact that I appeared on stage as CatBásico a bit later. I am learning from the cat as you can see in my pics on  Instagram with the hashtag #LosTésdeFran (@franmcamacho) that they are improving. However, I am still a distance to get the photographs as Manu does. You can check it in the following pic of olive oil and sesame flat cakes accompanied by the bowls of @myprettytable.

olive oil flat cakes


Instead of Fran’s tips, I share with you what I have learnt after making this recipe:

  • Baker’s yeast is normally used for those doughs that should double their volume before being baked.
  • The origin of the Spanish word ajonjolí is from hispanic Arab aǧǧulgulín  and this one comes from Classic Arab ǧulǧulān , while sesame comes from Latin  sesămum, which comes from Greek σήσαμον.
  • If you want to do fusion cuisine, substitute the anise to make olive oil and sesame flat cakes by Mallorcan herbs or any other types of anised drink of your area.

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