Banana cake with chocolate sauce

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I had 4 bananas in the fridge, and I thought it was time, after almost 6 years of this blog, to do some kind of pastry with this fruit; as a result, I got this recipe of banana cake with chocolate sauce.

I don’t like bananas a lot, so it is quite rare that I cook something with them; however, I know that many people love them. My problem with bananas is that if you use them everything tastes just banana as the flavour is quite predominant.

I was searching on the Internet and I found a fabulous recipe at the blog bojos per la cuina, a Majorcan blog from which I had had no news for some time.

I just entered the blog, and it must have just been a questions of  fate, but their latest publication of March 2015 was just a banana cake, so changing a couple of things, I got this recipe for banana cake with chocolate sauce.

Apparently,  Antonia and her son (blog admins.) have changed the virtual life, for the real one. They opened a catering company that would seem to work very well and they no longer have time to update their blog. Well done for the entrepreneurs!

tarta de plátano y salsa de chocolate

Banana cake with chocolate sauce

This tart or banana cake with chocolate sauce is a cheesecake incorporating bananas into the dough, and then to serve, it shall be coated with a chocolate custard.

In the original recipe they use a lattice of Nutella for the cover, but, as I try not to eat so many cakes to eat at home,  I took this one for a dinner with friends; it happens that one of the diners was allergic to nuts, allergy or intolerance she had never met.

I was not able to find chocolate without traces of nuts, so I chose to make this chocolate English cream, with pure cocoa powder, to which I added some cornflour to make it somewhat thicker and then, have a perfect chocolate sauce.

With cookies, I found myself in the the same dilemma. Nevertheless, Quely María was the only one cookie without nuts traces; Quely is a company that does not use nuts in the manufacture of any of your cookies so no traces Good!

I also want to comment that the blog is changing, inside and out, but still is not working perfectly, so please test it and tell us if you find any errors.

tarta de plátano y salsa de chocolate

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