Red berries and cheese mousse cake

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I have already mention when I published Chocolate Mousse Cake ethat I am in love with mousse type cakes. I also love foams in general and I am quite glad to have my new kitchen siphon. The pleasure is even better if I use cheese and I get this Red berries and cheese mousse cake.

receta de tarta mousse de queso sin horno

This Red berries and cheese mousse cake hides a secret: a layer of red berries jelly, but you cannot see it as I took it to my partner birthday, Esther, who has been recently a mum, and I didn’t want to cut the cake, so the whole decoration would be dismantled. You may see it in the step by step pics. This cake is made without the use of an oven; you can also buy a precooked sponge cake or make it yourself. This is a suggestion if you want to prepare your own one almonds and olive oil sponge cake, but using half of the measures. You will get a high and beautiful cake.

Tarta mousse de queso paso a paso

Red berries and cheese mousse cake

How to prepare Red berries and cheese mousse cake

We start putting the jelly layers in a cold water bowl to hydrate them.


Trituramos los 250 gr (1/2 lb) of red berries with water and sugar and put them in casserole until boiling; add agar agar and then put the mixture in a oblong container previously covered with Silpat. Leave the mixture to solidify so you’ll get a 0.5 cm (0.2 in) jelly layer.

Personally, I use agar agar since the texture is rather more pleasant in mouth; it is creamier but if you don’t have it at home, just use 4 layers of jelly.

Then, put the sponge cake in a springform pan of 26 cm (10 in)  (pic 1). Paint the base with raspberry jam, which can be diluted with a bit of water if it is too dense. Use a kitchen brush.(pic 2)

tarta moussse de queso paso a paso

Then, go on mixing the spread cheese with sugar in a bowl with a spatula until you get a homogeneous mixture. (pics 3 y 4)

tarta mousse de queso paso 2

In a casserole, put En 50 ml (1/4 cup) of  (or milk), and put the to boil; then add the jelly layers and dissolve them  (pic 5).  Leave it to cool down for a few minutes and add it the creamy mixture (pic 6). Mix again until homogeneous (pic 7).

tarta mousse de queso paso 2

Whip the cream (pic 1). If you don’t know how to do it, here you have some instructions. Then blend both mixture with comprehensive movement until getting a homogeneous cream  (pics 8 & 9).

tarta mousse de queso paso 3

Fill the half of the mold and spread it properly with a spatula (pic 1o); then using a plate smaller than our mold, cut a circumference of the red berries jelly that we had done before (pic 11) and place it on the top of the cake (pic 12); afterwards, cover until filling the rest of mold with the remaining cream (pic 13). Leave it to cool down in the fridge for 3 hours.

It is important to hide the stuffing so it is a surprise when slicing the cake, this is why the importance of having a different diameter. E

tarta mousse de queso paso 5

I freeze it once it is cooled, and then I take out of the freezer an hour (or even earlier in winter). I decorate it with jam and some more red berries before serving it.

receta de tarta mousse de queso sin horno

I hope you feel like preparing this Red berries and cheese mousse cake, even it has lots of calories and it doesn’t watch your cholesterol, it is a delicious one and ideal for a birthday party.

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