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I was meant to come back after a short break on Sept 2nd, date when it’s our 6th anniversary. Nevertheless, some good news have made me do it a bit earlier as I have been appointed Mallorcan  Olive Oil ambassador. 

As recognition of the spreading of Mallorcan gastronomy, the board of directions of  D.O Oli de Mallorca (Olive Oil Designation of Origin) elected me as  2016-2017 ambassador in a ceremony which took place at Casal Solleric’s courtyard in Palma.

I am honored to hold the title that gives credit to it, which will be hanging at home soon. Being a prophet in your own land is difficult; I has meant to me like winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games. If getting the awards of blogueros cocineros or Bitácoras was something that every blogger dreams with, being part of something connected with Mallorcan oil, has a nostalgic feeling to me, as Mallorca is my mother’s homeland.

José Maria Ramis, Josep Oliver, Manuel Ruiz, Sebastià Solivellas i Vicenç Vidal.
José Maria Ramis, Josep Oliver, Manuel Ruiz, Sebastià Solivellas i Vicenç Vidal.

President of D.O, Sebastià Solivellas said that it is remarkable how much we spread the word on the use of  extra virgen olive oil extra at our blog, which he considers one of the most influential in gastronomy written in Spanish. This is what he said,

Extra virgin olive oil is still a perfect stranger to many consumers, who cannot make a difference between an extra virgin oil, virgin or a common refined one. They ignore the good benefits attributed to it”.

Although it has been a recognition for www.cocinandoconCatMan.com, I collected the award and claim, despite being too nervous and deeply moved, my commitment with the products and Balearic gastronomy in general, areas which should be promoted as a Mallorcan tourist attraction as well as it had been done with sun, ensaimada and sobrasada. This is my favorite quote from my speech.

“Extra virgin olive oil is the best friend of the gastronomy”

Together with the president, the ceremony was chaired by Environment C.E.O, Vicenç Vidal, Balearic Treasury director, Joan Ignasi Morey; president of honor d’Oli de Mallorca, Josep Oliver y the Tafoner Major (Highest Olive Oil Designation of Origin member), Josep Maria Ramis.

I have lived the ceremony being deeply honored of the mission appointed. I have to recognize that I have never had so many microphones in front of me which made me a bit nervous. I am still not get used to speaking in public and completely forgot the speech I had prepared.

Being CatMan, I borrow a superhero’s quotation, Spiderman, saying that a mission conveys a great responsibility. I have altered a bit, m

“A great honor conveys a lot of responsibility”.

So, this is how I feel; I hope to be a good ambassador, so extra virgin olive oil will be the main ingredient during this year, if it wasn’t yet.

Ambaixador Oli de Mallorca_1
Manuel Ruiz and president of Designation of Origin  DO Oli de Mallorca.

I want to thank the Consell regulador oli de Mallorca too for this opportunity, without forgetting lots of people and congratulated me on the social networks. The emotion of feeling loved and appreciated. Today the news has been covered by all the press on the island including TV channel and radio stations. I hope I can manage with all of this. I am sure I will with your help!

The perfect present for the blog anniversary; 6 years of fulfilled dreams. Let’s keep on dreaming and of course, during this year, dreaming in green.  :-D.

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