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My relationship with whipped cream is rather unsteady, I will say that love and hatred go hand in hand; I love her a lot; however, she doesn’t easily falls for me. I wanted to find the perfect recipe to get whipped cream that keeps up a determined connection between the cream itself and the cake that goes by/on. If you want to see the final solution we have got to find a common place between us, you can watch the following video:

How to make whipped cream that never falls?

  • The biggest enemy of a perfect whipped cream is heat; so if you have decided to make decorations with whipped cream and pipe, don’t you even dare to do it at 4.00 on a August afternoon in hot Spain, unless you turn your house into the North Pole with the air conditioning.
  • A piece of advice is putting the pot of cream in the freezer about 30 minutes before whipping it.
  • If you are using Thermomix, you’d better put the bowl in the fridge at least an hour before… it must be that being whipped cream whiter than snow, it loves freezing temperatures more than Elsa from Frozen. 
  • If you are using a mixer, the container should have been cooled.

The amount of fat 

    • It should always be of a minimun of  35%; in Spain there is a brand, la Asturiana that contains 35,1% so it is the perfect one for it. Find the most suitable one in your local store.
To sweeten it
  • It is best to use icing sugar to make it sweeter, and also weighs less and avoids whipped cream to fall.

To give it stability 

  • In order to give it stability (apart from give it a looooot of cold) we have 3 options and all of them work properly:
    • Mix it with half sachet of curdle (for every half liter of cream /2,11 pints); if you are using a food processor, put the sachet into the bowl and powder it together with the sugar. Then, put the butterfly and whip it speed 4. ezclarla con medio sobrecito de cuajada (para medio litro de nata), la cosa está en poner el sobre en la termo y pulverizarlo junto con el azúcar y luego ponemos las mariposas y montamos velocidad 4.
    • Do the same procedure, but this time using half sachet of neuter jelly, previously dissolved in a small amount of hot water; the result is a shinier cream but personally, I don’t like the texture so much. For instance, Ms Inma López Escribano recommended us to use flavored jelly instead.
    • Commercial stabilizer for cream works rather well and if you can get it, it probably the best option; however the previously mentioned methods are more “homemade”. I got mine thanks to Cristina Corzo
    • The last option is to mix it with creamy cheese (Philadelphia style) or mascarpone and then whip it. The flavor is different and it is ideal to make cupcakes.
How to whip it
    • Every time you whip cream, not just in Thermomix, KA or by hand, you should watch out that the process is really happening. The moment you can turn upside down the bowl where you are making it and the whipped cream doesn’t fall, it is ready to be used. Beware do not whip it too much or you will be making butter!

Preserving it

  • Always in the cooler. You’d better fill your pipe up several times than having one too filled and get it spoiled inside the pipe.
I know that for many of your, this entry of how to make a consistent whipped cream is redundant. Nevertheless, I have always had problems with cream and I would have loved some tips to get it perfect. Hope you can get it and the entry is useful for you. S
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