Squids and shrimps paella

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It is a Spanish tradition to cook paella on Sunday; I am so into it that I am proposing you this easy recipe of squids and shrimps paella.

arroz con calamares y gambas P

Why do I call it easy? Just because by using the new broth for paella by Gallina Blanca, your task will be easier. It is the perfect companion to cook paellas or other types of rices. It has an incorporated sofrito and an intense seafood flavor; so with this recipe and the broth, there is no excuse to join us in the tradition of Sunday paella.

It will save all the tough work of preparing the broth and the delicious flavor is granted. This new recipe of squids and shrimps paella  is a good example of all the recipes that Gallina Blanca offers you in their recipe book.

caldo para paella facil gallina blanca

My history with Sunday rice  is a long one since I was several years without cooking them as the result was not good at all. However, two years ago, I lost my fear of preparing them.

Mostly in summer,  or on good weather conditions in Mallorca (we have good weather from March to November), I prepare a Sunday paella unless I am at the beach. I love to have friends or relative over and share it with them. Cooking this Sunday paella, the preparation, deciding the ingredients,… it is probably one of the best moments of my week.

Being a vet, overcharge my agenda in summer and my resting time is reduced. Even with that work pressure, I love summer as the long days cheer me up. Plus now, I have the Sunday paellas to combine it with all those feelings.

If you have any anecdote while cooking your Sunday paella, let us know. I promise to make more entries with rice in  return!!

Squids and shrimps paella

arroz con calamares y gambas fácil


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