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Spanish/ Russian Salad (also known as Olivier Salad)

This salad is good on its own or as garnish for any other dishes. If all ingredients are fresh and handmade cut, it is even better: it is a must for the summer heat. I have done it using my food processor.

I remember my mother and my older sister Pilar as they used to prepare it: dicing everything and even taking peas out of their pods. I was always in charge of the eggs; I used to be pretty more patient than I am now.

Green beans have different names in Spanish. In Andújar, for instance they are called “habichuelillas”. If any time you pass by my town, click on the following web to plan your holidays.

As a student in Granada, my healthy life was interrupted by visiting frozen food stores. That was because students have lots of essays to hand in or plenty of texts to translate and most of the times we put our work off till the deadline.
Regarding tuna fish, it is a must, together with rice if you an athletic person; however, due to the amounts of it that I ate during my first year, I am not a super fan anymore.

Mayonnaise sauce was done by the Chef Cat; don’t be so demanding with me. I am just starting to be an apprentice. I can click here to check how to do it.

I am not going to discuss about the origin of this salad, just remark that the Spanish version is pretty far from the Russian one, as far as the Ural Mountains are from the valley of Guadalquivir. It is one of our well-known “tapas” in Andalusia.

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