Garlic mushrooms cooked in Thermomix

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I love healthy food, but there is a part of me that also loves intense flavour, and nothing better than garlic. That reminds me a friend of mine from Granada who opened my eyes to new points of view of life. He hold a wide smile till the end of his days. He was the one to teach the curative features of garlic; of course, he always removed the core that is the indigestive part of it. Since then, I have been doing the same to enjoy this garlic mushrooms.
There are lots of stories about garlic. Greek athletes chewed it before competing. OMG! I don’t even want to stand at her girlfriends’ sides! Since in Greek it’s known as skórdo, one of their most famous mezes is skordaliá.
The name in Latin is allium and from that word “ajo” in Spanish through consonantic and vocalic changes. In Catalan is all, and from that word a Spanish sauce called alioli. Since the spelling is similar to English all, my students tend to mix the phonetics of both of them.
Going back to the Greeks, the expression allium olere (cf Marcus Terencius Varro, a polygraph whose main work was an essay upon agriculture) means “smell bad or smell like a poor”. The proverb (cf Persius, satirist poet) allium cum sale obsignare means “to lock salt and garlic, i.e. to be mean.
So, don’t be mean and bring out your garlic and salt and let’s get ready for the recipe. I have done it using my food processor.

How to prepare it?

1. First heat the oil for 5’, 100º speed 2.
2. Slice mushrooms
3. Place the butterfly and cook the garlic for 3’ 100º speed 3.
4. Put mushrooms in bowl with salt and pepper, garlic and the cayenne pepper (just if you want them hot) and cook for 15’, Varoma temperature, spoon speed, left turning.


– Serve your garlic mushrooms with fried egg, sausage and tomato and you will be enjoying a yummie English Breakfast on Sunday morning.
– If you are in Mallorca, serve them with pa amb oli (“bread and oil”).
– If you have lots of garlic left, make a necklace and run away from Bram Stoker’s famous character and let him bite you and you will be sharing these delicious garlic mushrooms.
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